The following expressions of courtesy are used in Eurizian

Good morning -> Boni die

Good evening -> Boni vespere

Good afternoon -> Boni postmeridie

Bona notte -> Boni nocte

How are you? -> Ut tu valet?

How are you? -> Ut vos valet?

Fine , thank you -> Bene , gratias

Very well, thank you-> Optime, gratias

What is your name? -> Qualis est tui nomine?

My name is Marco-> Mei nomine est Marco

Nice to meet you-> Est mei gaudio

How old are you? -> quoti annos tu habet?

Hello -> ave (to one person) , avete (several people)

More formal greeting: salve (to one person) , salvete (several persons)

Goodbye -> revide

Happy New Year-> Boni novi anno

Merry Christmas-> Boni Natale

Happy Easter-> Boni Pasqua

Thank you-> Gratias

You are welcome-> nihilo

Sorry-> exscusas             

Please-> comiter o benigne.


In Eurizian, tu is used in confidential relations, while vos is used in more formal relations.